Official language

The official language of the 9th International Congress on Glaucoma Surgery is English. All participants are encouraged to join discussions, independently of their fluency in English as the exchange of ideas and critical evaluation of presentations is the main purpose of the event.

Main sessions

All plenary sessions will be held in the Palais de Congres (5th Floor).

Slide centre

All meeting rooms are equipped with a computer slide projector alone, and no traditional slide or overhead projectors for transparencies are available.
It will be not possible to use personal laptops in the meeting rooms. Speakers are kindly requested to use “PowerPoint” (Windows or Macintosh/Apple) for their presentations. The dimensions of PowerPoint presentation should not exceed 300 MB, videos included.
Please use “.gif” and “.jpg” extensions for images. Other types of extensions will be accepted provided they can be recognized by PowerPoint.
The use of CD-Rom, pens or memory stick is advisable to ease downloading of presentations, and same should be handed to technicians at the Slide Centre in good time. Please remember to collect your CD or memory pen from the Slide Centre at the end of the session.